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Readymade Magazine
    A few years ago, I started designing and writing up how-to projects
Readymade Magazine which, at that point, was just starting out.
    My initial contact with them was in response to a small article in Metropolis noting that they were seeking submissions for their first issue. I had recently made the computer lamp and sent them a photo. They loved it, printed it and from there we kept up the relationship. (Though I wish I had more time to contribute these days.) Just goes to show that sometimes a shot in the dark pays off...   

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Readymade  Articles in .pdf Format:
O.K Computer Lamp
7 Found Object Clocks
P.C. Case Coffee tables
Paint Jobs
Thirteen Eleventh Hour Halloween Getups
Linoleum Block Print Holiday Cards
Wood Lattice Art Display
Iron Maidens: Iron-on Gifts
Murphy Nightstand

Dry-Erase Wainscot
Winter Sled Made From Skisx
Dashboard Camera Mount